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Favorites & Best Rides At Busch Gardens

What are the best rides at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg Virginia? Visitors let us in on their favorites...
Nicky & Elliot Schweikert say...

• Griffin
• Apollo's Chariot
• Alpengeist

Carrie Doherty says...

• Appolo's Chariot - it is not only my favorite ride, but it is also on the Travel Channel's list for best rides in the country. The first time I rode it I didn't know if my heart would make it up that ride to the top that feels like it will never end, but once we got there and the real ride began, I couldn't stop giggling. It is smooth, exciting, the BEST.

• The Roman Rapids - just pure great fun!!! Usually best to ride on a HOT day and when wearing the appropriate attire...girls - avoid white t-shirts :o). No joking - no matter what you do, you will get wet!

• Battering Ram - I just LOVE this ride! Usually a short wait for a ton of fun. The back row is the BEST for people like me who enjoy the rush of that tummy tickle and the middle is perfect for people like my 5 year old daughter who are more cautious, but still want a little thrill :o)

My husband and daughter would say that their favorite ride is - hands down - The Griffin. Kaycee's (age 10) exact words are, "It's breathtaking and exciting!"

Jake (age 3) LOVES the swings and the "crashing cars" Caroline (age 4) LOVES the Roman Rapids.

Joanie Vawter says...

• Apollo's Chariot
• Alpengeist
• Griffon

Stephen Jew say...

• Griffin
• Apollo's Chariot
• Alpengeist

Isobel Bishop says...

• Appolo's Chariot
• Roman Rapids
• Alpengeist

Terri Lorincz says...

• The shows, the shows, the shows!

Cate Brizzell says...

• Apollo's Chariot (only coaster that's ever scared me)
• Alpengeist
• Loch Ness Monster

Lisa Bishop says...

• Boat ride - for a breezy, relaxing, non-threatening time, try the boat ride!
• Sky ride - for breezy, relaxing, non-threatening time, try the sky ride!
• Train ride - for a breezy, relaxing, non-threatening time, try the train ride!

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