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Ghosts Among Us

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Colonial Williamsburg gets in "the spirit of things" this time of year with their Ghosts Among Us Tour. Now through November 26th, weather permitting, you can join one hour walking tours where you will visit sites in the restored area known for being the haunts of Williamsburg's ghostly residents. Please note that these ghost tours are NOT considered suitable for young children. Tours start at the Greenhow Lumber House. Tickets are $12 and reservations are required. Call 1-800-HISTORY to join in.

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Elizabeth Tisdale Armstrong

I was born and raised in Williamsburg, Virginia, and from a very young age, my love of the beautiful, historic town took root. My father worked for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for 21 years as an audio-visual engineer. As members of the historic Bruton Parish Episcopal Church, our family attended services regularly and sang in the choir. I was married in that church in 1987. During my college years, I worked every summer as an interpretive hostess in many historic buildings. Today I am a teacher and published author. Although I currently reside in the Columbus, Ohio area, my heart still belongs to the Colonial Capital.