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Thanksgiving in Williamsburg | Face Book Fans Share Their Memories & Traditions!

Enjoy Thanksgiving in Williamsburg!
Spend Thanksgiving in Williamsburg this year!

Dan Williams says...

• My favorite memory of Thanksgiving in Williamsburg would have to be walking down Prince George and seeing all the colors in the trees, smelling all the taverns, and seeing all the travelers.

Lisa Bishop says...

• Having the family over for dinner. Everything is home made at home except the pecan pie we get from the Jamestown Pie Company! Yum!

Paul Vosteen says...

• Family football game in the yard ... all ages welcome, but of course not all are equal ... us old guys have to cheat a little. :-)

Rob Konz says...

• Leaves falling, the fall smell in the air, the sky showing its traditional Williamsburg "not sure, what I want to do today" & me just sitting in a park watching it all.

Barbara Martino-Sliva says...

• We had our family gathering in Williamsburg and enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at the Williamsburg Lodge.

Joanne Hooker-Melton says...

• Drivng almost 1,000 miles to come home to Williamsburg for Thanksgiving ...and after driving that far still taking the time to walk the take in the sights of the season.

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