Colonial Williamsburg VA: History Comes Alive!

Colonial Williamsburg VA is the world’s largest living history museum. This historic Virginia treasure is dedicated to telling the stories of the 18th century men, women and children who shaped this country prior to the Revolutionary War. All of them – white, black, and native Americans, individuals from all segments of 18th century society both free and enslaved – comprised a community of shared responsibility. The intense debates and contemplation of individual rights and responsibilities that took place here ultimately led to the revolution that changed the course of this nation. Find Things to Do in Williamsburg, Virginia.

As you wander the grounds of this authentic Colonial community, you will meet the planners, policy makers and most independent thinkers of the day. See the merchants, tradesmen, and master craftsmen working with 18th century state-of-the-art technology. Apothecary, blacksmiths, gunsmiths, basket makers, tailors, printers and cobblers still practice their trades in the manner of the traditional artisans. Children will experience their heritage through real-life exhibitions and programs, and learn how Colonial children played and spent their time.

Colonial Williamsburg is truly a vacation destination experience! Visitors can dine in authentic period restaurants and taverns, take a carriage ride, view the incredible gardens, even march with the Fife and Drum Corps! Williamsburg Virginia hotels, inns, lodges, and accommodations are among the finest in the world, offering respite for every taste and budget.

Shopping in the historic area offers authentic period goods, from candles, soaps and stationary to beautiful pewter and porcelain. Browse the colonial toys, books and games. Shop for one-of-a-kind handmade items from the skilled artisans and apprentices of Colonial Williamsburg, or peruse the seasonal open-air markets of Market Square.

Colonial Williamsburg is also the perfect location for hosting a company meeting or corporate event. Plan your next meeting, conference or convention in Williamsburg, amid the elegance and ambiance of an 18th century setting with state-of-the-art technology and interactive tools.

If you’re planning a Williamsburg wedding, the elegant backdrop and accommodations here are incomparable.

Bring your entire family to Colonial Williamsburg and experience the unforgettable history, drama and firm resolve that was part and parcel of life in pre-Revolutionary War America.

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