Jamestown Road Cameras

You Asked Mayor Zeidler

QUESTION: Dear Mayor Zeidler On my daily walk on Jamestown Road today I noticed three tall white poles at different locations with camera’s mounted on top. What is the purpose of these and what are they looking at?

ANSWER: Thanks so much for your question about the cameras on Jamestown Road. I hadn’t seen them. It turns out the College put them up to monitor vehicle and pedestrian traffic at three intersections on Jamestown Road. They’re just temporary — probably only for a couple of weeks or so at most — and at the request of the Mason School of Business. Now that the new building is open they want to get a sense of the traffic at the intersections in order to make them safe for cars and pedestrians.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact Dan Clayton, Director of Public Works, dclayton@williamsburgva.gov or 220-6144.

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