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QUESTION: I would love to know why the parkway is closed to thru traffic on the 4th of July. My family and I drive from Gloucester every year to enjoy the fireworks in CW, but it is very difficult to get home. We actually think this causes a bigger traffic problem and there seems to be no logical reason to reroute. 17N is not an issue, it’s 17 S, so why not at least let travelers use the parkway in one direction towards Gloucester? Click for answer

QUESTION: What website do I go to, to find free or nearly free activities available in July? We will be visiting w/nine of our children and it is more challenging for us to go to museums etc. Any guidance would be much appreciated. My husband & I honeymooned there @ 23 yrs. ago. It had changed radically since I’d visited as a teenager. Much that had been free had pretty steep fees. Did we just not prepare enough? Click for answer

QUESTION: How can we stop the construction of another unneeded shopping center? I have lived in Williamsburg since 1975 and it saddens me to see how the town has changed. What’s even more saddening is how more and more establishments are closing their doors while new and bigger shopping centers are being built. Again…how can we stop the contruction of another shoppng center (where Fresh Market is talking about moving to)? Click for answer

QUESTION: On my daily walk on Jamestown Road today I noticed three tall white poles at different locations with camera’s mounted on top. What is the purpose of these and what are they looking at? Click for answer

QUESTION: Dear Mayor Zeidler – What is going on where the trees have all been clear cut on bypass road across from the visitors center? Click for answer

QUESTION: Mayor Zeidler, I would like to know what you think is possible to show your interest in Bicycle advocacy in Williamsburg?. Many other Mayors ride their bikes to work to promote commuting in their area, and in a town like ours that would be beneficial to the public. Although the bike path has been built, Williamsburg tends to not be bicycle friendly based on the common disinterest in bicycle safety by many drivers. How can you change that, and help Williamsburg become a better commuting town? I am aware of May being bike month, however there are many year round commuters and local hobbist. Can you stress the bicycle laws in the paper, on the websites etc…Maybe you can puch for more bike lanes. Thanks! Click for answer

QUESTION: We’ve been waiting to hear about the school zoning changes for the new schools in Williamsburg. Our family just moved from South Carolina specifically for our children to attend Matoaka Elementary. We are in the process of purchasing a home in the Matoaka school zone. (Governor’s Land). Now I am hearing that zoning might change. We’ve tried to get an answer from someone at the school board but either do not get a return call or cannot get any information. We are closing on this house on Nov 23rd so we will be devastated if our zone changes. We also have a rising 6th grader and are curious about the zoning for the new middle school too. When will zoning for these new schools be completed? Will the zoning for the Governor’s Land neighborhood change? Click for answer

QUESTION: Dear Mayor Zeidler – We live in Connecticut and have been to Williamsburg several times over the past 15 years. In fact, we will be in your beautiful town next week for vacation! Here’s my question – Generally speaking, how is the local economy in Wmsburg? In light of high national unemployment rates and a “bad economy”, how are the businesses doing in your city (restaurants along Richmond Rd, Merchants Square, CW, Busch Gardens)?? Thanks for your time. Maybe we’ll see you next week as we explore your great city and CW!! Click for answer

QUESTION: Mayor Zeidler, I saw a piece on outdoor art on the television last night. I was curious, does Williamsburg have any plans to exhibit outdoor art? I noticed some cows over at the Outlet Mall … what’s the history of those? And do you have plans for more cows or other art throughout the city? Thanks! Click for answer

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