Holiday Decorating

Traditional Holiday Decorations for Colonial Williamsburg!

Christmas in Williamsburg VA is simply breathtaking, and the traditional holiday decorations might have something to do with it! Christmas in the early 1930’s was very simple and was usually marked with a special dinner and simple holiday decorations.

The old traditions of Colonial Williamsburg have been beautifully incorporated into the modern day holiday season. By the first week of December, most of the homes within the 301 acre historic Williamsburg are dressed with Christmas decorations. Each night, by night fall, you can see the flickers of white candles as they sit in the windowsills of the beautifully decorated homes.

While visiting Colonial Williamsburg during the holiday season, you can expect to see inspired holiday pieces that are classic and timeless. Traditional Christmas decorations include wreaths and swags that are usually hand made using all natural materials such as assorted fruit, feathers, dried flowers and leaves. The local town’s people craft these pieces by using materials that would have only been available to the early Virginia colonists.

During the Holiday Season, Colonial Williamsburg offers the “Christmas Decorations Walking Tour.” This allows visitors to get a closer look at the magnificent one of a kind art work. It is a guided tour that allows you to look at the exteriors of buildings and learn in detail about the materials and techniques that the Colonial Williamsburg residents use.

Tickets to the walking tour are $10 in addition to Colonial Williamsburg admission. But if you bring the whole family, children under 6 are free! The tour is a fun way to learn about the traditions of the Colonial Williamsburg holiday season.

The Holiday Season is a wonderful time of year to visit Colonial Williamsburg!