Williamsburg Holiday Pampering

Pamper Yourself in Williamsburg!

We can’t think of a better time to pamper yourself than during the holiday season. In fact, as wonderful as this season is, it’s also a very stressful time. So some pampering is just about required.

Here in Williamsburg, we’ve taken pampering to the most-luxurious level. And you needn’t worry that taking in some TLC for yourself will mean fewer gifts under the tree for the rest of your loved ones. There’s pampering a plenty for every budget.

Perhaps our very favorite, easy-on-the-budget indulgeance is a “spa” pedicure. For example, many of the local Spas offer a plethora of different mix and match options. Perhaps a spa pedicure complete with lavendar exfoliating scrub, mint mask and a paraffin wax dip. Affordable decadence!

Swedish and deep tissue massage, reflexology and even a pre-natal massage. Experienced facial professionals also provide anti-aging and European facials. And that’s just the start of their offerings!

There’s a salon or spa in Williamsburg offering just what you need to rejuvenate this holiday.

Need a body treatment, such as a toxin-ridding wrap, salt scrub or even a muscle relaxing massage? Williamsburg has it. Imagine yourself being pampered, soothed and refreshed. You’ll be relaxed and your skin will glow..

On the hunt for a whole new look or a wonderful ‘do for the big holiday to-do at your home or business? Williamsburg has many salons that can give you’re a complete make over or a wonderful look for that special night.

If by chance you’re looking for that perfect gift for someone on your list other than yourself, Williamsburg’s salons and spas offer a host of spa packages you can give. From simple certificates that give your recipient a luxurious pedicure, to a full-day of being treated to soothing massages, wraps, facials and make overs, Williamsburg is the place to give the gift of a body healthfully well-indulged.