Colonial Downs

Picked up my sister and her daughter at the airport and we went to Colonial Downs. It is located in New Kent and is horse race track. You can pay $2 dollars for preferred parking or park in the first parking lot on the left hand side and it is free. It is $2 dollars for general admission and $5 dollars on Derby day. However, I added them as a fan on Facebook and printed out a coupon for free general admission for all of us. Plus, if you visit their website you can usually find a coupon. It is a fun place to go; they seem to always have something going on. They have a game room for kids. They can have everything from bands playing to giving kids horse rides on any given weekend. I have no idea how to bet but I buy a program guide for $1 dollar that has a listing for all the races that day and then in the front of that book it tells you how to bet. My sister’s daughter loves horses so we went out and looked at the horses and let her pick out the winning horse. The first race she picked out the winning horse and we thought we had the perfect system down; well, it didn’t work out every race but with a $2 bet you don’t have to worry about going broke. It is just a lot of fun for everybody and Colonial Downs just adds more and more to keep it entertaining.