Colonial Williamsburg (CW)

June 6th 6:30AM

This morning Boston and I went for a walk in CW. Time seems to stop when I am down there. With the constant change, bad news on TV and just the chaos of life it feels good to take a walk in a place that doesn’t change. I love hearing “Good Day Ma’am” or “That is a find looking animal” from the locals. When I moved here I was not a history nut but now have a great appreciation for what they are doing. I have a Good Neighbor pass and always on the Colonial Williamsburg sight looking for what is happening. My favorite things: Cry Withch, To go Pirating, Hot Apple Cider, Live Auction, Bits and Bridle, Niceties and Necessities, 4th of July, Kings Arm Tavern, 18th Century Play at Kimball Theater and Christmas time. These are some of my favorites but I believe it would take a life time to see and do everything they have to offer. My only suggestion is try something you thought you would never do; you might be surprised!