James City County Fair

On Saturday, Jake and I went to the County Fair at Chickahominy Riverfront Park. It was $5 dollars to park but what I didn’t know was that anything you wanted to do at the fair there was a charge. A very kind man was leaving and gave me his tickets to use at the kids bounce house section, which it was 1 ticket for every time my son went down the slide so they didn’t last long. They had two of the most beautiful camels I had ever seen but my son didn’t want to take a ride. We watched a couple of the tractor pulls as my son is a big tractor fan but they were small tractors. The best thing there was the park ranger who showed my son a snake, turtle and let him touch a lot of different animal skins. He seemed the most excited to be there and wanted to share his knowledge and also understood the age of the children he was talking to. The music playing was good and overall we had a good time just that it is hard to show children something and then be caught off guard that there is a substantial charge for the activities.