How Can I Make The Most Of My Business Day?

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Even though your responsibilities multiply when you’re running your own business there are still just 24 hours each day. Entrepreneurs need to be effective multi-taskers to prevent being overwhelmed and constantly at odds with deadlines.

Better organizing your day can help you make the most of the time you spend at and away from your business.

Here’s a Practical guide to help you orginize your business day:

  • Check for Patterns. Designate a few days to note everything that happens during your day: incoming/outgoing phone calls, scheduled meetings and breaks or regular interruptions. When do you get the most accomplished, are there regular production schedules, when do customers usually call/visit, when do communications/deliveries arrive? Observe patterns. With this kind of information you can arrange your more flexible activities around those that simply must take place at specific times.
  • Organize Time. If you determine patterns you may discover periods when interruptions are rare marking these as ideal times to plan work schedules, take care of routine tasks, and catch up on correspondence. You will be able to set aside time each day/week for developing your business: marketing, trend analysis, setting/reviewing your business goals and objectives.
  • Work On Customer Relations. Organize your schedule so that you are available when your customers are most likely to need you. Your business may be located in Williamsburg, but that customer in another time zone still appreciates your attention. Make time for developing meaningful business relationships.
  • Review Priorities and Objectives. Toward the end of each week, think about what assignments and deadlines will require your attention in the approaching week. Writing them down can help you set priorities. Allocating your time well helps you accomplish your objectives and meet your goals. It also helps you schedule much needed and important time out.
  • Expect the Unexpected. In a small business the unexpected will always happen and the best way to maintain your focus is to keep that in mind.

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