Pam Neff - Cancer Survivor And "Woman of the Year" Nominee

Williamsburg VA – Pam Neff moved to Williamsburg in 1998, originally from Texas, where she met her husband, Dean, and started a family. Just weeks after the birth of her third daughter, Neff was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, cancer of the immune system that is treatable but not curable.

Although the news was overwhelming, Neff felt she was in good hands. Her oncologist, Dr. Mark Ellis, assured her that she would be able to carry on with her life for many years.

With that re-assurance and months of incredible strength, she battled the disease and was declared in remission in the fall of 2008.

This experience inspired Neff to take action. She reached out to the Virginia Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and started volunteering for campaign work including assembling an annual Light the Night Team to raise money for the LLS.

In 2010, Neff was named as the first nominee for the 2011 Man and Woman of the Year Campaign. She is one of 12 candidates across the Commonwealth of Virginia to receive this great honor.

The MWOY campaign is a 10 week campaign whereby the candidates are tasked with raising money, 1 vote equals $1. In the end two winners will be chosen from the VA chapter, a man and a woman.

Neff is noted as a newsworthy neighbor for her strength in overcoming and surviving cancer and also for her dedication to help those in the community diagnosed with blood cancer. She strives to help patients cope and raise community awareness and is a great inspiration to us all.

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