Get Your Colonial Williamsburg License Plate!

It’s true, Colonial Williamsburg now has its own Virginia license plate! Starting July 1, 2008, you can apply to get your hands on one of these specialty plates and proudly display your love for Williamsburg to everyone on the road. But there’s a catch…

Before the Department of Motor Vehicles will issue a specialized plate, there must be 1,000 pre-ordered plates with 350 paid applicants. The Colonial Williamsburg plates have until July 25, 2008 to reach the 350 mark.

Want to help meet that goal? You can pick up an application for the new license plates at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 134 North Henry Street in Williamsburg.

The new Colonial Williamsburg license plates are revenue sharing plates, meaning that much of the revenue generated will go straight to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. This not-for-profit institution maintains the Historic District of Colonial Williamsburg and operates a number of local museums and educational centers.

The annual fee to sport one of these plates on your vehicle is just $25. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation will begin collecting $15 of the proceeds after 1,000 plates are sold. For a personalized CW plate, you would pay $35.

Once the applications and fees are received, DMV says it will take about nine months before the new plates are issued.