Renowned Yorktown & Williamsburg Artist Nancy Thomas Is Back In The White House!

On November 28, 2007 Yorktown and Williamsburg VA artist Nancy Thomas stood in the Blue Room of the White House for the second time in her career. Her one-of-a-kind ornament was prominently displayed on the official 2007 White House Christmas tree, commemorating the 400th anniversary of Jamestown. During her visit to Washington, Thomas attended a reception hosted by First Lady Laura Bush.

This was Thomas’ second invitation to the White House. In 1981 she was one of a small group of artists asked by the Museum of Folk Art, who was sponsoring the tree that year, to create 100 ornaments for the Reagan’s holiday tree.

This year’s tree was sponsored by the Colonial National Historic Park, the theme “Holiday in the National Parks”. Park Superintendents from around the country were asked to select artists to create original works of art for all of the 391 parks throughout the country. Each received a single 6.5″ golden orb on which to produce their original work.

Thomas was thrilled to be included in this historic event. It took her approximately two weeks to create an image that included Powhatan, John Rolfe, Gowan Pamphlet, George Washington, the Godspeed and the compass rose. The ornaments are unique pieces that cannot be duplicated, and will be included in the President’s archive collection when he leaves Washington.

Nancy Thomas is a true lover of art, and has been creating one-of-a-kind art in the Yorktown and Williamsburg VA region for many years. She is a nationally recognized artist whose work is sought after by collectors, and can be found in museums and all types of contemporary media. Her appreciation and inspiration comes from her surroundings and the rich history of the Historic Triangle region.

Along with galleries in Yorktown and Williamsburg, artist Nancy Thomas has a website,