Five Ways to Get a Grip on Your Schedule

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Do you find that the “urgent” occupies your time and attention more than the “important?” Are you spending more time working “in” your business than “on” it? Here are a couple tips that give you…

Five Ways to Get a Grip on Your Schedule

Some days your schedule is your ally but more often it seems like an adversary. If you run a small business and wear the proverbial “many hats,” you probably have noticed there’s a limit to how many places you can be in at once. Here are five perspectives on making the most of your work hours:

1. Set priorities. The one thing all the time management gurus will agree on is that some tasks will be more important than others. It is up to you to impose that hierarchy on tasks and yours to revise—as often as you need to.

2. Keep a master list of tasks you must do. This is where you store and remember all your tasks until you are ready to act on them. Along with commitments already on your calendar and tasks that have evolved during the course of the day, this master to-do list will drive your schedule for the next day.

3. Keep your long-range goals in mind when you decide whether to commit to any activity that will end up on your to-do list or calendar. How will this event, activity or meeting advance the goals you have set for your business?

4. Build wiggle room into your schedule. You can’t control the unexpected, whether it arrives in the form of an emergency or an exceptional opportunity. Flexibility and adaptability are virtues that also apply to your time management principles.

5. Although there are many ways to approach scheduling, the best type of calendar or day planner is the one is the one that works for you: the one you stick with because it lifts your productivity. It may be a PDA that enables you to upload and download information from your desktop, or it may be a traditional printed calendar. Only you can decide, but don’t be afraid to experiment—if Plan A isn’t working, try Plan B.

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