Review of SECRETS By Jude Deveraux

Although there have been some less than favorable reviews for Jude’s latest book, SECRETS, I must admit, I couldn’t put it down. Perhaps it was the fact that I live in Williamsburg, Virginia and there was something special about the references she made. The recognition put me right in the very city of the setting – it brought the story to life for me. Or maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t set aside time to read lately, a pasttime that I love but has been replaced with more exciting things like cleaning house and driving children to appointments. Having only read one other Jude Deveraux book, I did not have a preconceived notion that this book was going to be romantic as I did not know that she held that reputation as a writer. I bought it mainly because the setting was Williamsburg, and the plot looked interesting to me.

The book for the most part is about Cassie Madden. At a young age, she falls in love with Jefferson Ames whom she met at a conference Cassie once attended with her mother. They kept tabs on each other through the years and eventually Cassie became Jeff’s nanny after the death of his wife.

Cassie thinks that Jeff has an ordinary job but will come to discover that he is a CIA agent on assignment. Their neighbor is an older woman who was a world famous actress … but nothing in this book is as it seems. After Cassie hears a gun go off at the elderly actresses house things start to unravel and she finds herself trying to sort out the mystery surrounding the man she has loved for so long.

After some complications which force Cassie to move out they both find themselves involved in another mystery which forces them to work together to solve. In the 1930’s the older actress was at a ‘friends’ house with many other people. One of the other woman who was also at the house was found murdered, and the actresses costar was arrested for the murder. Now every year the owner of the house invites people to the house to reenact the murder, only this time he is the one that find himself with his throat slashed.

Cassie and Jeff work to find out if there is a connection between the two murders and work out their problems.