SECRETS By Jude Deveraux

The Queen of Romance, Jude Deveraux, brings us SECRETS, a gripping novel with themes of love, hate and murder… and its setting is in Williamsburg, Virginia!

Known for her riveting romance novels, Deveraux takes a different approach as she unwinds this story. Sure, there is still some romance interlaced with the twisting plot, but SECRETS focuses more on competition, murder and the CIA than it does on hopeless romantics.

But that’s all we can tell you without spoiling the book… so if you’re interested, we suggest you buy the novel. It’s worth the read! Read a Review.

Read an excerpt from the book

“But when Cassie got home – no, correction, to Jeff’s house – she couldn’t bear being in the house alone, so she went downtown to the farmer’s market. When people first moved to Williamsburg they were shocked that “downtown” meant Colonial Williamsburg. They assumed that the beautiful, restored city of eighteenth-century houses was for tourists and that the residents had somewhere else to do their shopping. There were lots of stores in Williamsburg, even an outlet mall that could make one dizzy with the variety and quality of goods for sale, but where was downtown? The confusion between tourist and resident led to the building of New Town, a pristing, modern – but Colonial looking – town not far from William and Mary College. New Town was a place where people could get a haircut or sit at a sidewalk cafe to eat. There was a to-die-for bookstore, and the courthouse, and a huge movie theater. And all of it was beautiful.

But the farmers’ market, with vendors from all over eastern Virginia, was still held in the exquisite Colonial Williamsburg. Cassie parked the MINI Cooper in the lot near the cemetery, walked to the booths, and browsed through stands selling herbs in pots, seafood caught that morning, and homemade jams. She purchased bags full of goods, making three trips to the car to put her purchases inside. Cassie believed in supporting local merchants and growers, so she bought as much as she could from people who grew their own.

After she finished shopping, she drove back to Hamilton Hundred and put the food in the refrigetator.

Through all her activities, her mind was only half on her tasks. She kept thinking about meeting Althea Fairmont and all that had been said. When she was away from the presence of the famous woman, Cassie could think more clearly. And the more she thought, the more confused she became. It seemed that Miss Fairmont knew an extraordinary amount about both her and Dana Craig. Had Althea really guessed, on the spur of the moment, that Dana wanted Elsbeth? Jeff said that he owed a lot to Dana for taking care of Elsbeth after his wife died, but Cassie had never thought about how Dana must have felt when the child was taken away from her.