Does My Small Business Need A Website?

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The Internet has become so much a part of our daily lives that nearly every type of business, regardless of size, service, or clientele, can benefit from having a presence on the Web.

Undecided? Consider the following facts:

  • Potential customers under the age of 45 use the internet, not the yellow pages.
  • Customers can contact you on the internet any time of day or night, from any time zone.
  • The internet is used by millions of people worldwide who can browse you site at their convenience to learn about your company’s products and services.

Things to consider as you start to develop your small business web site:

  • Do you have the expertise to create your own site? If not, you should know there are good professional web designers in the Williamsburg area. If you decide to hire a web designer ask for referrals from other businesses, contact the Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce for possible candidates, and check the web. Whether you create your own site, or hire a professional, there are many helpful books available about the basics of web design.


  • You will need to apply for a domain name. A search on will help you identify directories of domain names that are already reserved or in use. There are companies who specialize in registering your site and seeing that you are on the appropriate search engines.


  • Think it through. Develop a detailed list of all the information you will want on your web site.


  • Choose a style or look for your site. Don’t stray from the look your customers are familiar with.  Use your brand identity and logo.  It helps to visit other sites to get ideas but, keep in mind your site is a marketing tool specific to your business.


  • Make it user-friendly. Statistics show people scan a site for just 6.2 seconds before deciding to stay or leave. You must catch their attention quickly and make information easy to find or risk them moving on to another site.


  • Look like the expert. In addition to presenting your company and its products/services, consider giving your site visitor and potential customer helpful tips or information that will establish trust and subtly steer them toward buying your product.


  • Market your site.  Along with registration on the major search engines, send out traditional and electronic press releases that will alert the public to your site. Develop mutual link partnerships with other companies on the web to get extra exposure. Frequently update your web page content. You want those potential customers to visit more than once so, give them a reason to come back and keep coming back.


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