Is Williamsburg, Brooklyn the New Williamsburg?

If you visit Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a neighborhood in the New York City borough, you might be reminded of another Williamsburg – the one in Virginia! The old-fashioned shops and bars have the quaint feeling of historic Williamsburg, VA. Though it hasn’t completely transformed into colonial times, there are many 18th century classics. Must-visits include The Brooklyn Kitchen, a spot where you learn how to pick vegetables and butcher your own pig, and Rye, a 100-year old oak bar.

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you’ll find glass blowers, perfume makers and a similar old world spirit as Virginia. Despite the hipster crowds in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the community also values the preservation of culture, saving historical landmarks like The Kings County Saving Institution and The Williamsburg Houses as the city grows.

Remember when you cross the Brooklyn Bridge, if you are looking for a charming neighborhood or a blast to the past, you’ll fall in love with Williamsburg, Brooklyn!