Williamsburg Launches New Text Message System

Williamsburg VA – The city of Williamsburg is finding ways to use new technology in order to keep citizens in contact with the city. Williamsburg’s new text messaging system will allow users to get in contact with city hall quickly and easily.

The City411 allows users to text the city by sending messages to the number 95495. The sender should first type “City411” and then continue on with the issue he or she would like to address. The sender will receive a confirmation and a follow-up text when the problem is corrected.

When a text is received a city hall staff member will direct it to the appropriate department via email. This will allow the communication process to be quick and easy. Users can register for the text service through this website.

Once you send a text through the system you will automatically receive informational alerts and other pertinent information. Users can reply “Stop” to any message to cancel further service.

Last month a plan was approved to purchase iPods, in place of lap tops, for the City Council and all essential staff members. The staff can now access their email almost anywhere with ease. This will lead to quicker response time to emergencies and municipal problems that arise within the city of Williamsburg.

For more information please call (757) 220-6100.