About Williamsburg: Did You Know?

January 2009

Williamsburg VA is a wonderful place to live, work and vacation, offering all types of housing, places to eat, things to do and history galore! What makes it so great? The people, of course! Williamsburg offers a unique and wonderful lifestyle for families, business owners and retirees, and the services that support our community are varied and indispensible!

Thinking of moving to Williamsburg, or just getting settled? Here’s some basic information you might find handy:

  • Williamsburg is part of the Virginia Beach-Norfolk metro area, and is the County Seat
  • Population in 2003: 11,605
  • Median household income: $37,093
  • Williamsburg was the home of President Thomas Jefferson and the musician Bruce Hornsby. Check out our current Newsworthy Neighbors!

Here are some of the great team of professionals that take part in making Williamsburg the wonderful community it is:

Mayor: Jeanne Zeidler
(757) 903-9666 or (757) 220-6100

City Council:

  • Clyde Haulman, Vice-Mayor 229-8898
  • Paul Freiling 229-5165
  • Robert Braxton 229-6208
  • Judith Knudson 220-0051

City Manager: Jackson C. Tuttle 220-6100

Assistant City Manager: Jodi Miler, 220-6100

Clerk of Council: Donna Scott, 220-6100
The City Council meets on the second Thursday of each month at 2:00 p.m. in the Stryker Building, 412 North Boundary St. and are open to the public.

(757) 220-2331
Emergency: 911
Phone: (757) 259-7210
Fax: (757) 259-7204
425 Armistead Avenue
Williamsburg, VA Fax: (757) 259-7204

Phone: 220-6220
Emergency: 911
Stryker Building
412 N. Boundary St.
Williamsburg, VA

Fire Chief: T. K. Weiler
The Williamsburg Fire Department has come a long way since its first volunteer force took shape in 1753!

Public Works:
(757) 220-6140
Director of Public Works & Utilities: Dan Clayton

Real Estate Assessor
Assesor: Jan Davisson
(757) 220-6185

Williamsburg Parks & Recreation Department
Director: R. Paul Hudson
Phone: (757) 259-3760
Fax: (757) 259-8064
The Williamsburg Parks & Rec Dept. maintains great programs and facilities for kids and families!

Planning Department
Phone: 757-220-6130
Fax: 757-259-8050
Planning Director: Reed T. Nester

Animal Control: 253-1800
The Heritage Humane Society provides shelter and houses homeless animals at 430 Waller Mill Road. Want to adopt a pet? Call 221-0150!

Williamsburg Resident and Author of A Window to Williamsburg, Natalie Miller-MooreNatalie Miller-Moore has been a resident of Williamsburg, Virginia for six years and is serving as our monthly guest contributor and local expert. On most days, Natalie can be found spending time with her historian husband and young son, tending to her thriving vegetable garden or enjoying all the thrills found right here in Williamsburg.

You can also enjoy Natalie’s writing in the Daily Press.

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