by Natalie Miller-Moore

For me, September is the best month. Mainly because my birthday kicks it off, but also because the sticky sluggishness of August gives way to the crisp energy of September. This is true of the weather, but also I think of the mindset of most people. August is a time of summer things, of boredom beginning to creep in, and the last hurrah for water sports. September is the beginning of back to school shopping, football games and newly opened school supplies.

In Williamsburg, it’s a bit different meteorologically, because the beginning of September is still fairly hot. For example, it was 91 degrees today. But still, by the end of the month, it will likely cool off, and the leaves will slowly start to change. It’s actually a great time to visit because there are few others touring the town, because the family vacationers are all gone back home to start school.

So, September is the perfect time to catch a deal on all the things that are usually very crowded. Get a great deal on a hotel room from CW or nearby the college. Get a reservation at the Fat Canary on Merchant’s Square (you’ll still need to call a day in advance though.) Go to Busch Gardens and savor the lack of lines for the roller coaster of your choice.

Even the events are different. What happens in August? Not a single holiday. September is marked with a three day weekend, followed by open houses, the restart of meetings and clubs, and sports schedules. But you can still get some of the good things about summer, like the Williamsburg Farmer’s Market. And toward the end of the month, that includes the pumpkin crop that’s just starting to roll in.

One of my new favorites is the Colonial Williamsburg Storytelling Festival, which this year, is Sept 19th through the 21st. The Foundation brings in storytellers from all over, and the slogan is “Spinning Stories-Spanning Time: A Weekend of Stories Old and New.” This is an exciting way to hear history, and you’ll hear some humorous tales, I’m sure. This is the fourth year the festival has been held, and it includes regional as well as national storytellers. I think it’s a unique event and well worth taking advantage of if you will be in the area.

Williamsburg Resident and Author of A Window to Williamsburg, Natalie Miller-MooreNatalie Miller-Moore has been a resident of Williamsburg, Virginia for six years and is serving as our monthly guest columnist and local expert. On most days, Natalie can be found spending time with her historian husband and young son, tending to her thriving vegetable garden or enjoying all the thrills found right here in Williamsburg.

You can also enjoy Natalie’s writing in the Daily Press.

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