Summer Favorites

by Natalie Miller-Moore

Here’s the thing about August in Virginia…it’s been hot for months, and the novelty has worn thin. But, no matter where you live, summer is something to be savored. So, I’ll note my favorite summer things and how to stretch them just a bit longer.

  • Farmer’s Markets are popping up other places, not just the very popular Merchant’s Square one. There’s one at the corner of Route 60 and Forge Road, fittingly near the more rural part of the area. It’s a good place for peaches and corn, two of summer’s delight. It’s just not the same if you don’t let the peach juice run down your chin!


  • Swimming pools are abundant around town, and it’s one of the joys of summer to take a dip when it’s so hot. But, how often do we really take advantage? So, get out one of your dozen cans, tubes, jars of sunscreen and head for the pool. Just to relax, no swimming laps. And don’t forget the beach, where you can’t avoid taking some sand home with you!


  • Summer nights… It’s so hot during the day, it’s easy to forget the beautiful evenings of summer here in Williamsburg. Around 7 or 8 p.m., it’s a different world. A cooler, breezier world, where you should string up lanterns in the backyard and make a pitcher of margaritas. Watch the fireflies and listen to the orchestra of frogs and crickets.


  • A good read may be long overdue. How much of your summer reading have you actually done? I’m way behind and really need to commit to sitting down and doing nothing but reading in the hammock. I delight in the summer issues of my favorite magazines that promise better, more even tans and streaked summer hair. And then the fall magazines start to arrive and I’m ready to move on.

So, you might be ready for fall, too, but take a few moments to savor the last bits of summer before it’s gone. Virginia is a lovely place, yet loveliest when it is not so extreme in temperature. The fall is Virginia at its best: moderate, subtle, colorful and buzzing with activity. But let’s not bring it before it’s time. As summer wanes, raise a glass of Virginia wine to grandiosity of the summer here in Tidewater.

Williamsburg Resident and Author of A Window to Williamsburg, Natalie Miller-MooreNatalie Miller-Moore has been a resident of Williamsburg, Virginia for six years and is serving as our monthly guest columnist and local expert. On most days, Natalie can be found spending time with her historian husband and young son, tending to her thriving vegetable garden or enjoying all the thrills found right here in Williamsburg.

You can also enjoy Natalie’s writing in the Daily Press.

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