Planning the Tour de Skyline Drive

I didn’t want my wife to have to drop me off or pick me up for this trip, so I got out a map and plotted the most direct route that allowed me access to camping. Fortunately, the trip up to Front Royal was about the same route as Adventure Cycling’s Transamerica route as far as Mineral, Virginia. The trip back would take me through Charlottesville and I would make a beeline for Ashland from there as that was where the campground was.

All in all, it would be a six day adventure – two days on Skyline Drive. I also had thought before the trip started that there would be no significant climbs on the route that I had chosen into Front Royal – I found out I was very wrong in that regard!

I knew that the first seven miles of the Skyline Drive was all uphill and I was prepared for that. I though that I could surely ride sixty miles that first day on the Drive and make it to Big Meadows to camp. and then I would ride about fifty the next day to a campgound down the mountain from Afton.

All I can say was – I was way wrong!!!!